Beth LondonIf you look over my art, you will see that I have a fairly broad range of chosen subject matter.  I paint figurative works, landscapes, birds, animals, portraits and still life.  These subjects are not randomly chosen however.  In winnowing down the vast number of ideas that appeal to me as painting possibilities, I finally bring to life those concepts that are most meaningful to me, the ideas, people and places that I care deeply about.   Beauty in all of my finished pieces is also significant, even when I am exploring themes that are not generally considered beautiful such as loss and mourning.

When I made the commitment to pursue a career as an artist, I was fortunate to receive several years of foundational training in classical painting techniques.  Following that, I moved forward to continue my studies on my own, seeking knowledge and inspiration from the best contemporary master painters in the world.  I paint for the most part in oil, using some of the techniques derived from past masters, but not shunning modern discoveries that could help me create meaningful works.  I have been pleased to show my work in several local, group shows and honored last year to have a painting, Between the Seams, become a finalist in the 2014-2015 Art Renewal Center Salon competition. 

I am also available on a limited basis for portrait and other commission projects.